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You should be able to make a direct call to some method in the rhxl32 add-in.You can't avoid flashing altogether, but if you leave screen updating off until after you have restored the control tab, it should be minimal.I have tried using application.screenupdating = false both before I branch to a report subroutine and also within the report subroutine in an attempt to keep it from shifting the focus to the report page, but it is not working.When I hit the button to run the reports, the various reports pop up as they are being run instead of the focus staying on the console page.Kevin You don't need to activate the tabs or access their command bars to refresh data.There's always a object method you can call that does not require and form of screen updating. 460281-Application-Screen Updating-false-does-not-work Function Disable Screen Updating(val As Boolean) As Boolean ''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''' ' Disable Screen Updating, for seemless operation If val Then Application.

Screen Updating = False" is commented out then _ This Workbook is active at the end of the procedure _ Else _ Book2is active at the end of the procedure Application.

Those are things that excel records in macros, but that can always be circumvented.

Alain ute is that if anyone configures addins differently or anything, that messes with the order of controls in the toolbar, simply telling a certain control to execute might run the entirely wrong thing.

I am using and need to use sheetname.activate within each of the report subroutines.

Could this be causing the application.screenupdating zorvek, I need to activate the tabs, because I need to access their command bars in order to refresh the data on the report.

Screen Updating) 'Disable Screen Updating, for seemless operation Function Disable Screen Updating(val As Boolean) As Boolean With Application If .

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