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with our physical limitations in mind, so too ought we to design our social world of educational, financial, legal, and political institutions with our cognitive limitations in mind. Ariely, who is the founder of a number of private for-profit ventures, has become well known beyond the academic world for his best-selling popular books (see below), his TED talks, and his widely read 2001, 108: 814–834. Note that the French-British psychologist David Lewis should not be confused with the philosopher David K.

In a nutshell, he believes that, just as we build the material world of buildings, tools, vehicles, etc.

Out this work came a number of insights now considered basic to cognitive science, such as, notably, the stage theory of problem-solving (encoding, planning, solving, and response stages), and the decomposition theory of learning (breaking down a problem into more-manageable components, also known as chunking).

In his path-breaking early work, Anderson collaborated with Herbert Simon and other giants in the history of cognitive science.

On the other hand, we moderns hardly believe in the “soul” that all those writers took for granted anymore.

The soul has fled from the cultural battlefield where modern science has carried the day, leaving behind, at best, an ineffable entity we call the “mind”—which is itself little more than a will-o-the-wisp hovering over the three pounds of pulpy gray matter inside the skull like a ghost lingering about a graveyard long after the funeral.

In 2016, the US National Academy of Sciences (NAS) bestowed upon him its prestigious Atkinson Prize.

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