Event viewer security log not updating

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This article describes how to set up a files audit on a Windows 2008 R2 server and how to obtain log data. Enable Audit process tracking for Success and Failure results: - Open Start - Run - Type in gpupdate /force and hit Enter. Set up auditing on required files and folders for needed event types: - Open Windows Explorer and navigate to the file (folder) in question.

- Right-click the file and call Advanced menu on Security tab of the file's Properties.

Win RM is enabled out-of-the-box in Windows Server 2012 and later, but nevertheless, you can check the Win RM configuration on your server by using the following command.

All the commands below require you to have local administrative privileges on the server.

On these devices, you configure subscriptions that the desired logs from any number of source computers.

Forwarding uses the DMTF WS-Eventing standard, which is part of the open Web Services-Management (WS-Man) protocol built in to Windows Server as part of the Windows Management Framework (WMF).

- Switch to the Auditing tab and hit the Edit button.

- Click Add to choose users and groups for monitoring.

In some cases it is necessary to know who modified or deleted a file or folder and when.

Microsoft Windows allows you to monitor several event types for security purposes.

Security configuration and events audits fall out of scope of Plesk Technical Support and should be performed by your company's Security Administrator.

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