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were altered by treating the crystal at 650°C in oxygen at different partial pressures.Treatment altered the effective density of photorefractive charge carriers in the crystal and could convert an inactive crystal into an active one.- This course does not contain EMIR RTS 2 or HKMA phase 2 updates - DTCC Learning’s Global Trade Repository (GTR) User Foundation and Certification program is designed to provide registrants with an in-depth knowledge of the GTR and how it facilitates HKMA regulatory reporting of derivatives transactions.Background: In patients with cast nephropathy and acute kidney injury (AKI) requiring dialysis, the reduction of serum free light chains (FLC) using chemotherapy and intensive hemodialysis (IHD) with a high cut-off filter may improve renal and patient outcomes.

Sign up for the GTR service that will address your compliance requirements by completing the onboarding requirements for your jurisdiction. Once onboarded, you can begin reporting your OTC and/or ETD transactions to the GTR.

The GTR essential learning assets are intended to guide you in how to use GTR more easily and efficiently.

They provide details on the key steps required in using the GTR: This program is intended for individuals at firms that are responsible for creating,maintaining and troubleshooting their CSV upload file to GTR.

Treatment at low oxygen pressure (reduction) decreased the temperature of the tetragonal-to-cubic phase transition of the crystal and also decreased the measured optical band gap, implying that oxygen vacancies had been introduced into the bulk crystal.

These oxygen vacancies are associated with negative photorefractive charge donors.

Oral Presentations[TH-OR032] European Trial of Free Light Chain Removal by Extended Haemodialysis in Cast Nephropathy (Eu LITE): Survival and Renal Outcomes Colin A. Vigneau, MD, Alain Wynckel, MD, Nolwenn Rabot, MD, Christian Combe, MD, Ph D, Sylvie Chevret, MD, Ph D, Jean-Paul Fermand, MD Friday, November 18, 2016- PM[SA-OR053] Loss of Regulatory Anti-Angiogenic Protease Activated Receptor-1 (PAR-1) Antibodies Associate with the Development of Metastatic Cancer Post Renal Transplantation and Patient Death Rusa Catar, Robert Peter Caroll, Angelika Kusch, Aure Lie Philippe, Duska Dragun. TH-PO1053: Risk of Skin Cancer in Chronic HD patients, A nationwide, population based study in Taiwan. Expression of Activated BRAF(V600E) in Collecting Ducts Accelerates Cyst Growth and Fibrosis in Renal Cystic Disease Archana Raman, Stephen C. Jaimie Hirsch, Rimda Wanchoo, Valerie Barta, Kenar D. Renal toxicities of anti myeloma agents Rimda Wanchoo, Valerie Barta, Vipulbhai Sakhiya, Kenar D. Incidence and risk factors for Contrast induced nephropathy among Cancer patients Sheron Latcha, Junting Zheng, Andrew Plodkowski. CKD is associated with mortality in Stage IV cancer patients. Deletion of Sirtuin 7 Ameliorates Cisplatin-Induced Acute Kidney Injury Through Regulation of Inflammatory Response Yoshikazu Miyasato et al. Canadian Child Multi-Centre ABLE Study: Long-Term Renal Outcomes 3 Months Post-Cisplatin Kelly Mc Mahon et al. Nasr, MD, Bijin Thajudeen, MD, FASN[TH-PO063] Alternative Chemotherapy Resulting in Pancreatitis, Ketoacidosis and Oxalate Nephropathy Caroline Johnson, MD, Lindsay Sanders, DO, MPH, Ayan Sen, MD, MS, Mira T. Thomas, MD[TH-PO030] Membranous Nephropathy Related to the Checkpoint Inhibitor Nivolumab Jonathan T. Schiff, MS, NP, RN, Steven Salvatore, MD, Alexander N. Seshan, MBBS, Ilya Glezerman, MD[SA-PO073] Squamous Cell Carcinoma of the Renal Pelvis Associated with Nephrolithiasis Bryan Tucker, DO, MS, Anushree C.

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