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Angry people make poor friends because it’s always going to be everyone else’s fault. The Anger stage stops when the entitlement mentality stops.Just because an INFP feels that they’re special or talented doesn’t obligate anyone else to recognize this.INFPs don’t see it as not taking action towards happiness.They see it as surviving despite the fact that the rules of the world are not in their favor.

As the real world begins crowding into the INFPs idealized world, INFPs realize that we have to let go of the our idealize version of the world.

INFPs moving from the Anger stage realize that they’re not entitled to their Rewards and have follow the Rules for those Rewards like everyone else.

Stage 3: Bargaining The bargaining stage manifests as settling.

INFPs in denial know their desired Reward such as “I want to write books for a living” but can’t answer questions about the Rules such as “do you know how much an average Times bestselling author makes?

” They don’t want to know the answer because the answer brings them closer to waking up.

If an INFP feels that finding the right person is luck then meaningful relationships is beyond their control.

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