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The copyright convention signed at the Fourth International American Conference at Buenos Aires on August 11, 1910, was pro- claimed by the President of the United States on July 13, 1914. 1 A Nanterre ; one step, paroles Gabri- ello, m Gaston Claret, arr.

A list of copyright renewals made for musical compositions under section 24 of the act of March 4, 1909, will be found at the end of this issue immediately following the text. (Agapis logia) ; from Oi eroteumenoi, w and m Nicholas Hatziapostolou. She loves me ; fox trot song, mel- ody Sam Adelman. g., " waltz ", " dance ", " march ", " allegro ", " praeludium ", " nocturne ", " impromptu ", " sonata ", " etude ", " study ", •' fantasia ", etc., without differentiating words and only identifiable by the name of the composer) are entered under the composer's name without cross reference from the titles, and search should be made only under the names of the composers. (ID EXPLANATIONS TO BE NOTED BY USERS OF THIS CATALOG Piano music is understood to be for two hands unless otherwise stated.

115684; Jessie Jeannette Bowers, Long Beach, Calif.

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