Enfp and infp dating

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In response, I’ve re-typed several characters (which is noted and explained in the individual character discussions). If you’re not familiar with that aspect of Myers-Briggs theory, click here and here for a two-part introduction.

Read on for detailed explanations for why I chose these types for each character.

Even so, they interact well with other people and are very loyal. INFPs lead with a mental process called Introverted Feeling (aka “Authenticity”).

It’s a decision making function that is deeply in touch with the person’s own feelings.

I wrote in my previous Disney Princess post that INFPs value internal harmony and have deep feelings that are rarely expressed to other people.

They often seem like outsiders in their society and are more concerned with their inner moral code than with external expectations.

Isabel Myer says they often “have a special love of nature and a sympathy for animals,” which we do see in Aurora.

Literally everyone else types her as an ESFP or, more rarely, and ENFP.

Because of that, I’m mostly relying on general impressions of her and how that fits with broad, stereotypical descriptions of the different types.

ISFPs like to work with people and meet their needs, but are generally quiet and reserved.

In the two years since publishing the last chart, I’ve learned more about Myers-Briggs typing.

I’ve also re-watched several of these movies, considered comments from readers on the previous post, and asked advice from fellow personality type and Disney enthusiasts.

Given what we know about her, I think ISFP is the “best fit” type.

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