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Baidu Doctor allows you to contact the doctors on duty, order recipes, and view information about the diseases.During the holidays in China, most doctors do not work while the chatbot stays online 24/7.It is hard to imagine a better demonstration of the cardinal changes that await us in the nearest future than digital medicine.Introduction of the modern technologies into medicine is a bright example of the impact of science on the quality of human life.Consultations on mental health are also available; patients can discuss depression or anxiety.Health monitoring collects the general information about the patient: the calorie intake, quality of the sleep, pulse rate and stress level, which can be used to draw up a health plan.

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Functionality includes the possibility of getting a prescription, making appointments with doctors, choosing (and paying for) the services of medical institutions. Its services are divided into four types — consultation, monitoring, testing and AI- based functions.

In consultation, users can get advice from the chat-bot about the most common symptoms for general medical topics, from allergies to colds.

I've implemented a sample Facebook Messenger bot that leverages the library Botkit, as well as IBM Watson Conversation.

With Botkin you can build bots for Slack, Facebook Messenger, Twilio, and other messaging clients.

While chat rooms designed for crisis zones are provided to users free of charge (all costs are covered by UN charitable missions), others are provided on a franchise basis for clinics and hospitals around the world.

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