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Meanwhile, in New York, Mercedes finds an unexpected person who wishes her to be his girlfriend again.

On the other hand, Sheldon is having some difficulties with his husband, who discovers that he was a woman before.This is also the first season in which Iqbal Theba is not present in the series, as his character (Principal Figgins) marked his last appearance on the season finale from the previous season.Melissa Benoist, Jacob Artist, Blake Jenner, Alex Newell, Laura Dreyfuss, Noah Guthrie, Billy Lewis Jr., J. Totah, Finneas O'Connell and Samantha Marie Ware have more apperances during this season.Will wants Vocal Adrenaline, and especially the new lead singer (Jason Banner), to learn the importance of keeping some friends in the future, but everyone, including former leader and now co-director Clint, are against this and causes friction between them and Will.Sam is still in love with Mercedes, but a conversation he has with her, makes everything worse and unlikely for a relationship to happen in a near future.

Also, twelve new cast members join the show in this season to play the new members of New Directions, those are: Jesse Moss (Luke), Farly Smith (Ellie), Bianca Ryan (Anne), Joseph Mc Manners (Noah), Devon Werkheiser (Benjamin), Emily Osment (Sally), Luke Benward (Kevin), Joey Pearson (Charlie), Taylor Ware (Jessica), Julienne Irwin (Chelsea), Troye Sivan (James) and Jamia Simone Nash (Veronica).

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