Emily osment dating mitchel musso real life

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So, although nobody has declared anything, please be sure that the two are not dating each other.

Not in a You-and-I-are-Never-Ever-Getting-Back-Together way, but more like not-now-sort of way. And if you haven’t watched Hannah Montana or Suite Life or Phineas and Ferb, they are actually better than Game of Thrones! His parents are definitely proud that their son has reached great heights in the showbiz.

After Mitchell Musso and Emily Osment broke up, both in reel and real life, Musso started dating Gia Mantegna. Her finest runs include her appearance in the Secret Life of an American Teenager and in the awesome, super duper great comedy, the Middle. In short, maybe that meant going around the world, travelling and having a lot of fun. There has also been a rumor that Musso has a tattoo of Gia.It was Katelyn Tarver, with whom he was rumored to be dating for the first time but was it really a rumor or something serious yet to confirm.After that, there was another name, Cody Kennedy, an actress with whom also he was rumored to be dating just as like the first one.Before 2011, he was already in relation with 4 different ladies who were older than his own age.After digging up his previous life, the name of his first girlfriend emerged to the surface.

Mitchel Musso and his recent girlfriend Haley Rome are not engaged yet.

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