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I made a film called set in Washington, and it was very much about the war, should we go to war.You can have those conversations when you're in Washington DC, or in a coffee shop in London or New York City. I don't know if it's changed, because I'm still drawn to characters on adventures. Favreau going on an adventure to Vegas in I'm still captivated by people leaving their ordinary lives and going off to have big adventures. Have we so tamed our world that the adventure's gone?And I found on that commercial, because I was legitimately worried about drowning every day - we were out on the waves on jet-skis - that the fear of drowning was way more comforting to me than the fear of making something bad. It's interesting, because it feels to me that Hollywood studios are in a bit of a double bind; they recognise that unpredictability makes for interesting films, but at the same time, it makes them nervous. It just goes to show, given the success of the movie - the fans loved it.That was the set I was most happy on, because I could deal with the fear of drowning. Yeah, it's a crazy business we're in, because millions and millions of dollars are being spent on art. The main writer on the movie arbitrated against himself to not get sole credit; everybody was running away from the movie before it came out. Even when the movie's done, the studio doesn't necessarily know whether it's succeeded or not.

There's no help coming, there's no cavalry, and there's no cutting away to somewhere else.

I like to bring that to studio films - usually to the consternation of the studios.

When I was making was my first non-independent movie, my first studio film, but I was running around Paris with Matt Damon shooting in places we didn't have permits to be in.

I'm interested in the kind of character work that is more in independent movies.

I'm interested in the kind of anti-establishment ethos that goes with making an independent movie.

When I finished the studio hated it before it came out. You have people investing hundreds of millions of dollars in a product whose success can only really evaluated by the fans.

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