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The governor’s action may not have technically violated the language of Ohio’s 21st right under its constitution’s Bill of Rights, but it violates the spirit of the amendment, Mr. He said the first option of families struggling with autism would be to turn to charity.

He said if the state believes help for families is needed, it should provide a direct government subsidy for them, not create a hidden private-sector insurance cost paid by everyone. Kasich could make such a decision via a comment to federal rules without a vote of the General Assembly.

These rights evolved over time through constitutional amendments, supported by legislation and judicial precedent.

Along with the rights themselves, the periphery of the population who had access to these rights has expanded over time.

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state constitutions, conferred by treaty and customary international law, and enacted legislatively through Congress, state legislatures, and state referenda and citizen's initiatives.

When the bill did not pass, in part because of opposition from business, Mr.

Kasich ordered such coverage to be included in state policies for 39,000 government employees. “We’d like to get the autism mandate off the books because it can be highly destructive to the health-care market and small business.

He also sent the Obama Administration a written “comment” on proposed federal rules for implementation of the new Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act in Ohio that his office said have the effect of including autism spectrum disorder as part of the minimum coverage private insurers would have to provide under the law. It precludes freedom of choice and violates the spirit of the health-care amendment.” The center’s opposition is to all mandates and is not specific to the autism mandate, Mr. There have also been bills introduced in recent years to mandate coverage of diabetes supplies and contraception. Thompson said of the autism mandate, noting that everyone buying insurance would have the same coverage regardless of their wealth.

“That way the state spending is on the books as opposed to off the books as it is now,” he said. He said if any litigation does follow, it would be on separation-of-powers grounds.

“We don’t have common ground for discussion with anyone who opposes providing this kind of help for a child with a disability,” said Kasich spokesman Rob Nichols. Cheryl Grossman (R., Grove City), one of the leading lawmakers behind the proposed autism legislation, had yet to see Mr. She said additional steps dealing with autism are likely to be introduced as legislation in the new session.

The amendment’s overwhelming passage in 2010 was largely symbolic when it came to affecting what has been referred to by critics as Obamacare. But the amendment’s effects on state law have yet to be tested. Randy Gardner (R., Bowling Green), who recently moved back to the upper chamber from the House, supported the autism bill and was involved in the past with a bill that would have mandated coverage of diabetes supplies.

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