Dla backdating rules

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Anecdotally, it seems that the DWP has no process in place to follow up delayed assessments or force assessment providers to expedite a case.

Contact CPAG if any of your clients are refused a means-tested benefit in these circumstances, or the DWP insists on deciding a claim when asked not to do so.The fact that PIP acts as a passport to increased means-tested benefits and tax credits can make more difference to household income than PIP itself for claimants on low incomes.Those already entitled to means-tested benefits should not have any difficulty in asking for the awarding decisions to be superseded effective from the date of claim.However, advisers will not need telling that the process of claiming PIP is (for most claimants) fraught with delays.This article reviews the implementation of PIP to date.

It is only possible for current DLA claimants to voluntarily claim PIP if they live in a transfer area.

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