Django pyc not updating

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We will also have to change the path to stylesheet in the templates.

Edit templates/some_app/and change the path of stylesheet.

So, the new content becomes: Hope STATIC_URL, STATICFILES_FINDERS and how static files are served makes more sense now.

Till now our assumption was that we need separate styling on templates of some_app and other_app. Assume we want some style which should be common on all the pages across the project and they are not specific to a particular app.

Adding templates directory to TEMPLATE_DIRS require following changes for me. There doesn't exist any stylesheet yet, we will create it after editing html. You will not see any changes yet because we have not created the stylesheet file. Static files should be created inside the static/ subdirectory of apps Let's create the stylesheet file. If you can't see these changes, make sure that some_app is added to INSTALLED_APPS and restart the server. Let's assume we want to make background color of other_app's home as blue.

$ startproject fbsample Unknown command: 'startproject' Type 'help' for usage.So, we want to make h1 as italic across entire project.Django is still not aware about this file and will not serve it.Let's start with development when you have DEBUG = True.We will create a Django project from scratch so that we are fully aware about what file in what directory we are talking about.

I have not tested it with Django 1.2, so not sure about 1.2.

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