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In her junior year of high school, Kimberly found her powers upgraded with the totem signature of the Crane, and she piloted her third avian zord, the Crane Ninjazord.

During this time, she also wore the entry-fight costume of the Pink Ninja Ranger.

Junior high school was difficult for Kimberly as her parents began to fight and finally, right after seventh grade, announced to the kids that they would be divorcing.

Shocked at the dissolution of this stable unit she had always counted on and increasingly disgusted with the shallowness of some of her cheerleaders and the school "Queen Bee," Dana, Kimberly began spending more time with her mother's sister Corinne and her husband Steve Leary.

However, she quickly bonded with the new Rangers and found a great new girl friend in Aisha, who supported her hard bid to become student body president.Subsequently Kimberly began attending Marley Elementary School, where she befriended, besides a number of girls, the introverted Billy Cranston.By middle school, however, they had drifted apart as Kimberly became more intensely involved with gymnastics and cheerleading.The young family moved to Angel Grove, California shortly thereafter, and in 1985 were joined by a baby boy, David Francis.Kimberly was raised in the Catholic religion of her parents and began attending school at St.

She left the Power team to train for the Pan Global Games in Gymnastics at the St.

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