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Ptttekweem, (Frederick Stew-~l art Baron), Coins of James - VI., j 27. In 1297, Wallace went to Galloway, and under Kerlie's guidance, Cruggleton castle, by a daring scheme, was retaken by surprise, and the garrison of 60 men slain, a priest and two women only having been spared.

Wallace at the castle of the earl of Lennox, and from that date was his constant friend and companion in arms, in the noble and desperate struggle for liberty.

Carroll was the original name, in Ireland O'Carroll, of which once powerful family more than one branch were petty kings or chiefs over different districts in the north of that country, even extending so far south as Meath, where were the hall and Court of Tara, as also Eile or Ely, now called King's County, the chief of all being the arch king of Argiall.

Constable, Esq., engraved by Burnett, Painting by Mr. Tilt, Portrait by Reynolds, engraved ( by Mote, j , a rare print after Kneller, in Sir M. Sykes' collection, \ , Portrait by himself, , „ in European Magazine, ) 1814, i , Pinkerton's Gallery of Portraits, Portrait by Reynolds, prefixed ) to early edition of Works, } Portrait by De Nune, engraved] by Bertholozzi, prefixed to I by Engraved by W. As corroborated by Felix O'Carroll, in his Translation of the Chronicles of Tara, and History of the Sennachies, it is that the first Carroll (afterwards changed to Kerlie) who came from Ireland was a petty king or chief in that country. He left an infant son, also called Wil- liam, born in 1298, and therefore 7 years of age at his father's death. Whiie both were asleep their arms were secretly removed, Kerlie slain, and the noble Wallace reserved for a worse fate. Kerlie was one of the few who never swore fealty to Edward the Usurper. The castle and lands of Carleton in Carriek, (now owned by the Cathcarts under a charter dated 1324) was the first property possessed by the family in Galloway, originally called Carolton, the residence of Carroll. Since then (a peculiarity common with Galloway surnames) the name has been variously spelled at different periods, as Kerle, Kerlie, M'Carole, M'Carlie, and M'Kerlie.

He was sometime lord high treasurer of Scotland, and died in 1514.

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