Diablo 3 frozen at updating tools

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Electrocute and Arcane Torrent ensure that you can keep at range while making efficient use of your Arcane Power.Hydra will give your enemies something to hit that isn't you, which is invaluable, while Blizzard and Diamond Skin can assist you in your all-too-frequent retreats before you get pounded into wizard pâté.Upon reloading the launcher the "unexpected error" occurs. I cannot see any such folder in my installation folder. On the other hand I removed the 32 file from the task manager and nothing new changed when I retried to install. I get to 10% then the Failed to find files " error appears followed by client crash.

Since this build forsakes Teleport, make sure to stack movement speed to make up for your lack of a "GTFO" button.

I have tried to shutdown my firewall, taken away the from task manager and deleted the file, but my installation is still stuck at 10% and have been so over an hour now.

When I stop the all that happens is that my installation goes back down to 0% and stay there until I quit it and have to reinstall it again, where I get the same problems as before... According to a few posts on the official forums, it's not necessary to delete the entire folder, just the 'agent' folder inside the folder. I am however looking for an alternative solution as the above doesnt work for me.

maybe it's something else for me because it still just won't work =( Hope it works for everyone else, maybe I'll find something that works for me! Are you sure something else like your firewall is not blocking the connection?

You could also try to do the same but start your windows in Safe Mode with Network and run the installer.

Not sure if that's true - but if my installer crashes again (ugh, from 72% complete to restarting at 0, sadface) I will try it and post here to update. For example there is no old connections in my internet settings to even remove. I am however looking for an alternative solution as the above doesnt work for me.

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