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Don't mind him being gone 3 days but for is too much I've been with my partner a while now and we live together.

I love him with the whole of my soul but wish he wish he would come home at least one day during …

Your feedback about riding OTR in truck with husband My boyfriend is considering becoming a truck driver, and we were also wanting to get married this year.

Is it a requirement that all OTR truck drivers need to come home for home time after awhile? Watch beautiful and cruel women using every chance to dominate their submissive men!Face Sitting and Smother, Ass Worship and Licking, Forced Cunnilingus and even.. Tribute to Truckers Wives Holding It Down Trucker's Wives Profiles Truckers Wives Forums and Chat Room Truckers wives are faced with serious challenges with an over the road trucker as a husband.Not only is she left with the responsibilities of the maintaining the business of the home but she has to also raise the children (of course if there are children) in a world that constantly demands an increase in effectiveness to raise those children successfully.

You know, being the wife of a trucker is tough but it's very rewarding.

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    But an opening may appear -- when her impassive visage shows a flicker of interest. SHE SAYS For foreign women in Germany, flirting with the natives can be problematic.

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