Definition of self liquidating debt filipino concept of dating and marriage

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To get EUs, use Completed @ 100%, Normal Spoilage @ 100%, & Ending at % Given. Costs from THIS PERIOD divided by Equivalent Units worked on THIS PERIOD gives you Cost per unit==need to multiply by # units to figure transferred costs.

EUs are tricky--want JUST this year so pay attention to Beg vs Started when you calc Completed.

For future value, the higher the interest rate, the greater the future value of a present amount.

Average Annual Incremental Revenues - Average Annual Incremental Expense ______________________________________________ Initial (or Average) Investment .

To take full advantage of the bankruptcy laws and get a fresh start, it is important that you do not continue to incur additional debt..02/.98 (sum to 1) x 1/20/360that's 1 over 20/360, where 20 is the number of days that the interest is in effect--no interest for 10 days, interest for 20 out of 30 days, then use 360 day year.This = 36.73%The PV of the first payment is the full amount.This type of risk is most closely associated with elements of the macroeconomic environment in which a firm operates and would include, for example, interest rate risk and inflation risk.Calculate the PV of all the cash inflows associated with the project--use after-tax income CFs, and don't forget to include the PV of the residual value if there is one. Can be used to rank projects....a project may have a higher NPV but given the cost outlay a lower index.

The operating cycle measures the average length of time to invest cash in inventory, convert the inventory to accounts receivable, and collect the receivables.

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