Defining and validating transformations of uml models

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With model transformations becoming more widely used, there is an increasing need for approaches focussing on a systematic development of model transformations.

Moreover, the criteria are formulated in such a way that they require less experience with the theory of graph transformation.

A goal of the approach is to provide a complete specification of a language from which intelligent tools can be generated.

The extent to which the approach meets this goal is discussed in the paper.

A model transformation for translating a model from a source language into a target language can be def... Model transformations are increasingly recognised as being of significant importance to many areas of software development and integration.

Recent attention on model transformations has particularly focused on the OMG's Queries / Views / Transformations (QVT) Request for Proposals (RFP).

Syntactic correctness and completeness was examined in [9] and sufficient conditions guaranteeing the termination and uniqueness of transformations were set up in =-=[12]-=- based on the critical pair analysis [10] technique.

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