Deaf dating australia barney and robin dating season

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Perhaps you should look for women who are intelligent and have a background in science.

Men and women who go into scientific fields are driven by curiosity and aren't deterred by something unfamiliar.

PCM73 I wish you all the best in everything you do good luck in your quest sweety whom ever lands you will have a true gem.

God bless Yours, Brenny As I am a hearing impaired person myself and wear hearing aids I would have no problem dating a guy in the same situation as me.

I grew up orally and did not know sign language until I went off to college. OK, maybe you can't know this, so I will explain it. If a hearing woman gets a boyfriend who can't hear her speak, it would be if she had a car without a steering wheel.

To me it is the same as people wearing glasses, they have a problem with their eyesight so they use an aid to help them see.

I use hearing aids because i have a hearing problem and they help me to hear.

The one that will love and care for you regardless of you not being able to hear. Anyway, whether it is men or woman, the younger people tend to go more towards they people who will have the other drool. My best friend was dating a deaf guy they got on very well, she introduced me to his best friend that was also deaf, I found him instantly attravtive and liked him very much and communication with him was not a problem he spoke well and lip read with help from hearing aids, unfortunatley the next day my best friend informed me he didnt like me because I was simply too loud,, oh well its a fist I guess.Dearest PCM 73Hon it's no reflection on you ...

Just hang in there, take my word for it it will happen!!!! I actually talked to someone on here as friends that was deaf who lived in PA. The persons who have issues are this are ones with no heart and have selfish issues that make them judgemental there is not a thing wrong with dating a deaf person, one of my closest friends is death and I met him in 2007 after talking since 2004 in fact I hooked him up on this link so he could be ladies closer to his home.

Wake up singles world handicaps are people too and I have a mother that is blind and a daughter with a speech issues I love them just as much today and admire there strength.

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