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We can meet and connect, then realize two months down the line, we were meant to be friends. I could say alot of things but it doesn't mean you know me and with time you might get to know me. I have been single for a long time now and I have been on here a long time. They were the largest cotton brokers in the world, and probably the largest cotton oil producers.SMITH: I've noticed that apparently, you do it religiously.MAGNESS: Of course, I liked hunting and fishing, sports.

I work, I have a car and I am doing well for myself.

I went to junior high and high school in Houston, so Houston has always been home to me because that's where the bulk of my friends that I made, that you make in junior high and high school, live and that's where I lived the longest.

I said "Now you got it in there, why don't you get it out." I got a birth certificate when I was in the Army that said Bob, and I've used that ever since.

SMITH: Would you like to give us a little background on what service you went into and some of the activities you got involved in.

I, of course signed up for the Army Air Corps, and went through part of cadet training.

I am a nerd, a artist, a manager, a foodie, a vegan, a metalhead and...know what none of that really defines me. I like singing on the top of my lungs, in the car, at the bar, where ever. I will dance around a room aimlessly, without a care in the world. I don't play games, if you do, then it won't work, cause that's all drama.

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