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Q: In your experience, do you think women who make you wait for sex end up being better long-term partners?Stan: I think they do make better potential long-term partners.Many couples don’t discuss their idea of balance and shared roles in the partnership until they are arguing about not feeling “supported.” They assume the other person has the same idea of balance/expectations and with these assumptions, conflict and hurt feelings tend to arise.It’s important that you talk about how you envision an equal partnership, or what that even means to you.Other times these topics do come up but are only briefly discussed so as to not pop the pretty pink bubble.We might find ourselves intentionally ignoring certain “heavy” subjects that might become potential deal-breakers when we’re just not fully ready to let go of the person we love and our newfound happiness.But if a woman had that little self-control, it would not bode well for the future.Alec (50, never married): In my mind, it doesn't make a difference—as long as the woman understands that just because she slept with me, it doesn't mean the rest of the relationship is also moving quickly.

Men are wired to want to sleep with others more quickly because of instant gratification.And I don't think a woman should want to date a man who wanted to sleep with her on the first date.I don't even try to sleep with women on the first date anymore.She needs to let you know she is receptive to sex with you and is holding off not because of lack of desire, but because she wants to get to know you more.Jack: I disagree—in my mind, a woman who "makes you wait" is treating sex as a commodity.

In fact, if I don't like her and she is a friend of a friend, I have to drop the blade sooner or the blow-back will be worse. There was one girl I slept with on the first date, and we ended up having a relationship, but it was a woman I’d known and worked with for four months.

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