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Especially in Indian villages, matchmaking tends to be informal, using “extensive kinship networks,” said Lindsey Harlan, chair of religious studies at Connecticut College.When an Indian gets to a marriageable age, “aunties,” who are not necessarily related, start looking out for potential life partners.S.) does in general.” Parties like Mittal’s can serve to either continue or break tradition: Singles might click with somebody outside their caste, or they could meet more of “the kind of people that your parents would like you to marry” than they might in everyday life, Harlan said.

Priests also compare their horoscopes to ensure compatibility.I own a small position in the company, and I’ll lay out my rationale.For context, it’s important for readers to understand that, while I like the company, I view Match as one of my riskiest investments and have sized my position for what will be minimal exposure relative to my higher-conviction stock picks.“If someone says,’I want to find another Indian,’ I ask why,” she said.Ahluwalia doesn’t necessarily advocate a wholesale break with tradition, but clients need to have thought through their answers.

Within Indian culture (which is predominantly Hindu), marriage is as much about families coming together as it is about couples coming together.

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