Dating to relating scam One 2 one sex chat

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Once obtained, they can use your identity to commit fraudulent activities such as using your credit card or opening a bank account.Did you get an email or an unknown, unauthorized credit card charge from is a sign-up site and billing name for a branded online pornography site.In some cases you may be invited overseas to examine documents and the money.You may be introduced to a second or even third scammer – posing as a banker, lawyer or tax agent – to 'help facilitate the legal and financial aspects of the transaction'.Shifting their focus from banks and other financial institutions, gangs of criminals are running massive, dedicated phishing campaigns against dating sites.

They may even send you a large number of seemingly legitimate legal documents to sign, such as power of attorney documents.

Here is a review of the site and what you need to know…

The branded pornography site uses the short name for billing purposes.

A white label porn company provides website operations, a large database of content, and billing services in a generic fashion for the branded pornography site.

Basically, the owner puts up a facade website, and connects it to a white label pornography service.

Spread the word to your friends and family to protect them.

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