Dating stanley spokeshaves

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My searches by date on the Google Books Search Engine yielded several hits of the end of the 18th century, but only one before 1780, by the travel book author, Arthur Young.) .

According to Goodman, neither the French are known before the early 19th century.

This particular tool that resembles a spokeshave connects with a standard Dutch , which dates to 1766.

Both of these tools, claims Goodman, may have originated in what is today called The Netherlands.

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The flat-soled versions handle convex and long, sweeping concave curves.Note: While my samples come from the , I have taken many liberties to enhance them -- especially in the provision of background information -- for this entry.For readers who may want to follow up this history, at the beginning of the 16th century in Britain, dictionaries were still very much in a formative state of development.Goodman backs up his speculation about the spokeshave's origin in Europe, but prudently does not conclude anything about "hard" facts. Bell, 1966, pages 202-203; R A Salaman, Dictionary of Woodworking Tools Newtown, CT: Taunton Press, 1989, pages 460-464; Ellis Walentine, "Spokeshaves", American Woodworker November-December, 1993.What he emphasizes, though, "is that the spokeshave itself, originally, as its English name implies -- "spoke-shave" --, a specialised tool of the wheelwright, is now used for various purposes by craftsmen of many other trades, a case of a tool having been generalised rather than specialised".

Today, for the most part, the spokeshave is used for trimming and smoothing the shaped edges of wood, making shaped legs, etc.

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