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This gauge is nice, clean, no cracks or major chips, some small dings, and some wear on the slide on the opposite side of the brass inlaid plate, good threads, good points.

I note that it appears this gauge was used for a period of time without the brass skid plate under the thumb screw, as some screw indentations can be seen, but don't effect the movement of the slide.

There are four Stanley trimming planes, the 95 and 99 and several Stanley side rabbet planes, a Stanley Victor no. 113 compass planes and a Stanley trammel point set. 45 with full box of cutters and slitter, a Stanley no. 71 router plane (USA version) with all three cutters and the fence.

Also you will find several Stanley special planes like the Stanley no. 48 T and G, 148 Match plane, 191, 192, 239, 248 and 378 rabbet planes. There are over 20 planes manufactured in the 1800's all in excellent condition and they look like they will go another century. Other block planes include the hard to find Stanley no.

Minor cracks in wood parts, repairs may be needed for use, has substantial paint or finish loss. Ideal for users or those wishing to refurbish for collection.

Cataloger’s note: This list is a guide that contains our description of each piece.

A collection of vintage folding rules made by Stanley and Lufkin.

These tools are not only functional, they are a testament to the durability and appeal of American-made tools.

It is 7.5" long, has a total of 3 scribe point, one is adjustable via the end brass thumb screw.

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