Dating skull fractures

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i always thought it was strang that modern humans are 200 thousand years old but only stated making technological discoveries in the last five thousand years we are way too creative and complex a species to just have been twiddling our thunbs for 200000 years than all of a suddan saying hey why dont we do somthing with these thumbs. If you re-read the article, you will see that at no point have I concluded it is a bullet hole.

The hole on Broken Hill Man's skull (aka the skull referenced above) shows signs of healing around the margins, indicating it was not a bullet hole. I have presented different opinions and theories and finished by saying that no one knows what caused it.

Whoever the skull belonged to, it appears he/she may have been the product of interbreeding between different hominid species.

Teotihuacan’s Lost Kings, a television special, took an hour long look at the great city, its inhabitants, and the excavation of the Temple of Quetzalcoatl, (also known as the Feathered Serpent Pyramid.) The program revealed evidence of advanced engineering built into a tunnel system, and placed directly underneath the Pyramid.Like the Kabwe skull, the hole in the auroch skull is also missing radial cracks that would result from spear or arrow projectiles.Is a Co-Owner Editor and Writer of Ancient-Origins She is also a guest writer on Epoch Times and i Spectrum Magazine She completed a Bachelor of Science Psychology degree and published research in the field of Educational Psychology She has has...Researcher Rene Noorbergen, who investigated the mystery in ‘ Secrets Of The Lost Races ’, concurred, saying that “this same feature is seen in modern victims of head wounds received from shots from a high-powered rifle.” If this were true, it would mean that a) the skull is not as old as claimed, b) the ancient skull was shot in modern times, c) the ancient skull was shot in ancient times by a technologically advanced civilization.The first and second options are discounted by the fact that the skull was found 60 feet below the surface, which confirms that it is at least several thousand years old, and was not exposed near the ground to have been accidently or intentionally shot in recent decades.

As explained in the article, the auroch skull shows signs of healing.

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