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I guess if you answer one single question incorrectly you can lock yourself out of ever being able to get the good ending no matter how high your parameters are.Which once again calls into question why these parameters are even necessary and what they are accomplishing exactly?Once I finally got the good ending and saw the credits roll, I realized that I had not reached the “good” ending for clover world which I had thought I had, because unlike in heart world, I had gotten all of my memories back, and the ending I felt was really good and I had even gotten a trophy – so as I said, unless you see the credits each time, you need to go back because you did not get the good ending :).Luckily, when you go back, you can quickly skip read text and previously used choices will be highlighted in a different color to help you keep track of your decisions. Pay attention to how each response you make changes your parameters.I have only completed Heart world and Clover world at time of this writing, and I begun to play Diamond world lastnight as well.Heart and Diamond have a LOT more suspense/mystery.In Clover World, you discover that you had a fight with your boyfriend the day before you lost your memories, and now he wants to meet to talk about the fight and the future of your relationship.Wanting to use the opportunity to learn more about yourself, you agree to meet and try to hide the fact that you don’t remember him.

As you grow closer to him you begin to wonder why you were fighting in the first place, and also wonder if learning the truth will cause your feelings for each other to change.Just I have this feeling that he’s really important.I have my own theory about him, but I’ll keep that to myself and let you form your own opinions while you play.I’ve included a link which will take you to the author’s website above so you can use the walkthru as well.I had my affection completely maxed with Toma and my doubt was low (under half), but I still kept getting normal or bad end.

I have about 10 save files and I cycle through them every 3-4 in-game days, this way I don’t have to start all over each time I reach a normal or bad ending.

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    But make sure you delete your existing version first as it may be corrupt and the cause of your issues I ran into an ocarina loading problem whenever I go into neogamma automod/neogamma r8 rc3 loading sonic unleashed from a dvd.

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