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One of the most livable states in the country, it’s hard to find a reason not to build a future in Wisconsin.

As your relationship gets more serious with your Wisconsinite lover, it’s comforting to know that their roots are deeply dug in one of the best places in America where the beer flows freely and the cheese never runs out. Tell us the best thing about dating someone from Wisconsin in the comments below!

When it comes to driving in the snow, there’s no one better behind the wheel than a Wisconsinite.

Weather that tends to shut other cities down for weeks at a time gets treated like a typical day in Wisconsin.

The people in this state can’t help themselves from showing tons of love towards the things they care about, including you.

You’ll never have to pretend to like what’s pumping through your Wisconsinite’s headphones.Whenever a group of Wisconsinites are gathered, it’s always a good time.If you’re dating a Wisconsinite, expect to be treated like “part of the family” the first time you meet the parents.A state full of small towns, as well as several huge cities, Wisconsinites grow up knowing both atmospheres and have no problem thriving in any environment.If you’re dating a Wisconsinite, they’ll be happy wherever the two of you end up together, as long they’re with you.

One needs to look no further than their never-dying love for all-sports Wisconsin.

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