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A paperback book or Kindle edition usually costs around , so reading just one book a month on Scribd is money well spent.The all-you-can-read buffet of e-reads is not nearly as overwhelming as it sounds.“It’s possible to accomplish more with less money than you realize because [it forces you] to make smart decisions,” he says, recalling a popular Silicon Valley adage that there’s more funding in the tech industry than there are good ideas, and more smart ideas than good engineers.

“So we had to go out and hustle to anyone that might be interested.” Scribd asked family friends and even bugged acquaintances of their parents to share contacts, even if they only had an inkling of investment experience.“Extrapolate that and we figured we’d get a lot of traffic once we scaled,” the 32-year-old tells Moneyish.Scribd began with an obvious source: they applied to Y Combinator, a then-fledgling startup accelerator that offers advice and money in return for a stake.The app gives you access to over one million Ebooks, audiobooks, and comics for the flat rate of .99 a month.But this isn’t like the Kindle or i Books apps: On Scribd, after the monthly fee, there is no cost per book—meaning you can devour as many books as you fancy without making a dent in your wallet.

That said, there are many more startup incubators out there today.

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