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She met him four years ago when she was visiting the Red Sea resort and fell in love.Marwa, which is not her real name, dated her husband in secret for over a year before they got engaged.Dozens of other men, women and children were also patiently queuing to see loved ones on the only day visiting is allowed.Many carried provisions that they were allowed to bring into the prison and give to their loved ones.Staff at the prison on the outskirts of the city of Hurgharda showed little sympathy for what the Egyptian media have called the 'Tramadol Tourist'.A senior officer insisted Ms Plummer was being looked after – but the prison was not a five star hotel.'Her rights are being respected but she was caught with illegal drugs. She is doing okay and has visits from her family.'Ms Plummer, from Hull, East Yorkshire, is due back in court on Saturday.Her family say she had no idea the drugs were illegal in Egypt and is not a drug smuggler.She has begged for help and her release from prison while her case makes its way through the legal system.

He has vanished from the resort of Hurghada and has had no contact with her family while she languished in jail fearing for her life.

This afternoon her mother Roberta, sister Jayne Sinclair and brother Kirk were pictured went to the prison for an hour long visit.

The family members, who flew from their home in Hull on an overnight flight, stood chatting in the blazing afternoon sun waiting their turn to enter.

Four days before their legal marriage, Marwa’s father and Amr shouted at each other for around seven hours over the purchase of two large diamond rings.

“If it was anyone other than my husband, I don’t think they would accept the way my father treated him and argued with him, and the expensive things he asked for.

Although she called Omar her husband they were not legally married.

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