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Sometimes it was because of where I was in my life, sometimes it was because I didn’t feel the woman and I were a good enough match for a long-term relationship.Regardless, whenever I felt that a relationship with that woman was a good idea, I always told her. In terms of you saying “no” to something he wanted to do in the bedroom, well, I could definitely see that as something that would bruise his ego/pride.In regards to #2 – when you didn’t do what he wanted, the way it probably hit him is that he wasn’t “good enough” or “worthy enough” for you to do what he wanted.

” As in, is the guy willing to give up his freedom and everything he enjoys to be with you.

Women have asked me why guys “freak out” when a woman mentions a relationship.

I think it comes down to how he interprets your question.

I made the mistake of asking him if there was a future for us.

I wasn’t asking for a relationship, I just wanted to know that there could be because I dated this other guy for two and half years and he never committed.

I think that once a guy wants a relationship with a woman, he will make it obvious. You stayed true to yourself and had self-respect, which is admirable.

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