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Until the 1800's, the fishing reel was not much more than a storage place for excess line.The British claim to be the originators for the multiplying reel, but the fishing reels of George Snyder, of Kentucky, have become the most famous 19th century multipliers.FYI: BPS is advertising the #6930, #6935 & #6940 size in these exceptional spinning reels for .00! Amazing offer for anyone needing a quality spinning reel. Fishing with reels is quite ancient - the first images predate the pyramids.This fishing reel eliminates the large wire bail of the spinning reel in favor of two pickup pins.

Pflueger’s Enterprise Manufacturing Company was not the first company to manufacture a fishing reel—that honor goes to the Meek Brothers, whose Kentucky reels predate 1840.Spinning reels were originally designed to allow the use of lures that were too light to be cast by bait casting reels.Because the line didn't have to pull against a rotating spool, much lighter lures could be cast.A fly reel is normally operated by stripping line off with one hand, while casting the rod with the other hand.A huge development regarding fly reels is a larger design.

The first use of a fishing reel can be seen in Chinese paintings from around 1195 A. In these paintings the fishing reels were hand wound, much like a simple fly reel today, and were attached by twine to a bamboo pole. In 1651 English literature first reported a "wind" (not the blowing kind – the winding kind) that was placed within two feet of the lower end of the fishing rod.

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