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For example, the Facebook app only asks for Location Services when people explicitly tap on the location button when updating their status.Asking for permissions in context is especially important when your app is asking for publish permissions.Once people are logged in, you should also give them a way to log out, disconnect their account, or delete it all together.In addition to being a courtesy, this is also a requirement of our Facebook Platform Policy.This gives people the option to either log in immediately or learn more first.The best experience is to let people use your app and see its content before prompting them to log in.Eine neue Entwicklung bringt meine Haltung nun durcheinander.Als Alleinstehender hat man heute dank Dating-Apps bekanntlich so viele Möglichkeiten wie nie.

You'll receive transparent feedback during the Login Review process, including feedback on changes you can make to get a denied permission approved, if appropriate.

If your app is well known and understood, you might be able to put your login button on the initial screen and still see decent conversion rates.

If you do this, be sure the intro screen has a clear, succinct and compelling statement about what it has to offer: A better option is to provide a glimpse of the content available to people prior to logging in, like the background photo in this example: If your app requires additional education, you may want to offer a multi step demo above your login button.

For example, many ecommerce sites such as Zulily don't require people to log in until they're ready to check out. The fewer permissions you ask for, the easier it is for people to feel comfortable granting them.

We've seen that asking for fewer permissions typically results in greater conversion.

Best practice apps can see conversion rates of over 80%.

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