Dating jewish women

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She said: 'Both of us come from ultra-Orthodox Jewish homes and it was expected that an Orthodox Jewish woman gets married at 18 and they have children, seven, eight, nine, ten children - however many God will give.'I was in an arranged marriage at 18 and that didn't work out.

So then I went to law school.'I was already practicing when Legally Blonde came out and I think that they copied me with the pink resume.'I used to have pink, scented business cards and I used to throw them into the cells.

She said: 'I always had a fascination with criminals and politics and I always knew I was not going to be in the kitchen all day.'She added: 'I feel I have known Sara my whole life. We refer to each other as sisters-in-law.'As well as a love of everything pink, they share a passion for high-fashion, with a particular love for J.

But their decision to bring the glamour into the courtroom can be met with mixed emotion.The world of criminal law is a gritty place where crimes are relived and teams of lawyers battle it out for justice.But two Orthodox Jewish women are shocking the hallowed halls - dressed head to toe in matching pink outfits as self-proclaimed 'Barbie lawyers'.Other than that, everybody is entitled to a defense subject to the constitution.'Orthodox Jewish women practicing criminal law is considered a rarity and Sara and Mindy bond over their shared conservative heritage.Sara is the daughter of a rabbi and grew up on the Upper East Side of New York.

Sara said: 'At first glance we might appear a little ditzy but we are fighters, we are tough lawyers and we get the job done.'Mindy added: 'I always loved Barbie, the glitz and the glamour and the sparkles and the jazz - so we decided to bring that to the courtroom.'The duo have represented defendants accused of murders, rapes and even alleged members of Colombian cartels.

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