Dating israeli guys

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Logically, I know that r1 is correct...howev AH, I am stupidly thrilling at r2's reply, because this guy is of the skinny wiry sort..he has lovely, long-fingered hands and his nose is rather prominent..spring eternal, eh?

I've known a lot of otherwise attractive Jewish guys who were not gifted in this area (vs, say, the Italian-Americans or Latinos I've known).

The only gay, out, Hassidism I've known are former Hassidism and they (mostly) are so fucked up because of the separation from their family, community and life that they knew.

I always felt like I'd be taking advantage trying to get these guys in bed.

As I said, I'm average.3) One of the largest penises I've seen was on a fellow Litvak (Lithuanian Jew).4) One of the more disappointing members encountered in my extensive field studies of Semitic schlongs was also on a Lithuanian Jew.5) Forays into the nether regions of German, Iranian and Greek Jews have likewise revealed small, medium and large members.6) Conclusion: you can't generalize about Jews any more than about African-Americans (because, yeah, I have quite a bit of experience there, too). I am hoping that I just haven't found the right one and my stereotyping is false. I'm a black guy and I've always had a preference for Jewish men.

Culturally they're more liberal than other white ethnic groups in America, which is a plus for me because they are often empathetic towards minority groups that experience racism. Guys like Ezra Klein and Ari Melber have the brains and good looks to match! I would volunteer my life to be an Israeli Army Comfort Boy if they would need me.

Since it is the only one I've seen, I'll attest to it just being coincidence, but he was the biggest I've ever personally "handled." His schlong was literally the size of an average water bottle.

DNA studies show that Ashkenazi and Sephardi Jews are closely related and come originally from the Middle East, with surprisingly little admixture.2) My family came from Lithuania. And race is a figment of your imagination.[quote] I'm into cerebral Jewish guys, but being an African American, they are not into me.I'm hopeful that he did it because of retraction issues rather than to have a pretty pecker.It is his wiener, so I support his choice either way. Yes, there are some guys regardless of ethnicity who have big dicks, but there are many more who have smaller dicks, and most have average.He just got married three, and I don't think his wife is Jewish - she went to a Catholic High School.I'm not positive why he did it, though this post prompted me to finally ask.

He was as good-looking as he was well-hung, and that meant more to me. Hung like a horse and very into sex; I learned a lot from him.

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