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And we must restructure our political system at its core, from publicly financing elections to expanding ballot access to grassroots selection of the Democratic Party chair.Running for: Democratic nomination for Illinois Governor Political/civic background: In addition to my time in the Illinois House (2011-2012) and the Illinois Senate (2013-present) I served on the Evanston Environment Board, as the president of the Democratic Party of Evanston, as a board member of the Indo-American Democratic Organization, and as a member of the social action committee of Temple Beth Israel.I’m running for governor because I’m tired of lose-lose situations—because I believe that when there aren’t any good options on the table, it’s time to expand our thinking and create new options.When I’m governor, I’ll work with lawmakers and stakeholders to find the best solution for our state and working families.It’s time for us to build a fair tax system by enacting a progressive income tax, taxing financial transactions to the Board of Trade using the funds to bring down property taxes and fund our schools properly and provide universal to access to healthcare.If we do these things our state government will actually be creating a situation where ordinary working families have a shot again.

Daniel Biss submitted the following answers to our questionnaire: ANSWER: The two biggest problems facing Illinois are a broken budget and a system that’s rigged to help the wealthy and well-connected get ahead while the rest of us fall further behind.

Balancing our budget is about more than just the numbers—it’s about showing Illinois families that we support them, and that they can trust our state government to provide opportunity and stability, this year and in years to come.

Middle-class families like mine are constantly hearing that there just isn’t enough money to go around, and that budget cuts are a necessary consequence of exorbitant spending in years past.

By people who knew that the state that worked for just them would be a state where their children would have a great education and the rest of ours wouldn’t.

It’s time to repeal that and build a state for the rest of us.

It’s clear that most people aren’t seeing the benefits of this growth—and that’s because our economic and political systems are set up by and for the wealthy and well-connected.

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