Dating ideas in logan utah

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An improv show could end up in a variety of directions -- fun, nonsensical, or awkward -- just like your date!Snag two cheap tickets (usually ), pick up some drinks (the theater is BYOB), and show your date that you enjoy fun like other normal humans, too.Oh, you'll more than likely enjoy each other's company too...

If you can’t get a spot early, don’t worry: The full menu is served till 1am each night.

The restaurant is located downtown on King Street, which sets the mood all by itself.

Our advice would be to park far away from the restaurant, walk up historic King Street, take in the old school sights and sounds of downtown, and arrive at the Grocery with your appetites ready to be satisfied with the very best.

Make sure you start your walk on a low tide though; it might sound romantic, but carrying your date across a flood tide can be pretty tiring.... The Grocery The Grocery is the best restaurant in town for truly experiencing lowcountry cuisine, and it's absolutely one of the best spots to take a date.

The Grocery sources the majority of its food from local farmers, butchers, and purveyors, so you know the food will be fresh and fulfilling.

Check out the UT calendar, pick a show (there’s one almost every night), grab a beer, and enjoy the tunes -- and just so you know, if your date was on any of the Phillies, 76ers, Flyers, or Eagles championship rosters, you get in for free.

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