Dating ideas for married couples

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Take a drive to a nearby town or a neighborhood you don’t spend much time in and check out the local sights.Browse in the local shops, have lunch at a new restaurant, look for historic landmarks or just take in the local vibe.

Date 1: The Theater At first, it wasn't easy to come up with dates that seemed unusual. I figured the evening was doomed, and I was so mad I could barely look at him. Why was I making such a fuss about him interrupting me?

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On our fourth date, I stabbed my husband in the heart. David retreated off the mat, chuckling in disbelief, and we laughed all the way home.

I started small: We'd go into New York City, about an hour away from where we live. We're in a fun place, and I'm making myself miserable.

On a theater website I scored tickets for an off-off-Broadway show. I slipped my hand in his, and soon we were imagining what kind of party we'd throw there if we could.

If you’d rather get out of the house for a film, go to a drive-in theater where you can usually see two or three movies for the price of two tickets at the local cineplex. Some towns offer free outdoor films throughout the summer, and if that’s not an option either, you can always get to the theater early for a matinee showing of that latest flick. Head to the backyard or a grassy hill near home, lay out a blanket and snuggle under the stars.

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