Dating ice breakers examples

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As an example, if you want five employees in each small group, purchase five Snickers bars, five Baby Ruth candy bars, and so forth.Place all of the candy bars in a bag and ask employees to draw a candy bar as they enter the meeting.Meeting attendees are quick and stealthy—and hungry.)Because this is such a fun approach to helping employees get to know each other, you can simply ask people to introduce themselves at their assigned table.If you want to involve the employees in a more elaborate debriefing, you can develop a series of questions for people to answer.The most successful openers, it turns out, are positive, thoughtful, creative and slightly personalized.

Proponents of ice breakers that reinforce the content and goal accomplishment of a team building or training session use brief ice breakers to introduce the content of the training session.Consequently, you'll find department members sitting together and people who have the same job sitting together.At a company or department meeting, to help attendees get to know coworkers outside of their immediate work group, this ice breaker, or any variation, works well.Or, if you want to take a more formal approach, you can develop a series of questions for people to answer such as those listed above.Keep in mind that if you're using this approach as a meeting icebreaker at a meal or lunch, people will want to eat hot food.

In advance of the meeting, purchase candy bars for each attendee.

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