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Occasionally you get a sub-par guru and it's a waste of time, but it doesn't happen that often. Still, the production quality is high overall, and De Angelo was good about dropping in the occasional double CD bonus.

Another thing about it is that when I first started learning this, the big value of this membership was keeping me on track. Well, there's absolutely nothing new in this interview. It's sure fun but you won't learn anything new from it... His latest was with Tucker Max and it's just hilarious Didnt like it.

Your privacy is very important to us and we NEVER sell or give any email addresses to third parties. For more information, check out our Privacy Policy Dead links?

A subscription program offering first-hand information regarding a dating master's experiences on meeting and attracting women.

All in all,a valuable product,and an antidote to the lack of real information in contemporary society which seems mainly to teach you nothing about dating,or teaches you crap that is useless. Many excellent interviews and a good way to discover new upcoming gurus you should check out, or simply get their main ideas for free (well, for the price of your subscription).

Most gurus interviewed are eager to shine so they share their best stuff. Some interviews were pure gold, while others did nothing for me.

We’re self-proclaimed love gurus who are excited about every step of the process from that first awkward hello to the monumental day you actually get an entire drawer just for yourself at your honey’s house to the day you finally promise your hearts to each other and beyond! Life just isn’t the same unless you have someone to intimately share it with.

We are a group of authors, image consultants, professional daters, life consultants, and friends who have seen just about everything there is to see when it comes to the land of love.

You will also learn practical, real-world techniques for every aspect of meeting women.

Bonus CDs include: - Interview With A Master Of Approaching Women And Creating Attraction - Interview With One Of The Most Insightful Women On The Planet I saw that some reviewers seem negative regarding IWDG.

Every month David De Angelo interviews a different dating guru and edits the recording to a tightly focused CD.

It offers different perspectives to open your mind to the possibilities that are out there.

He mentions things that he teaches, but I guess you dont want this interview to get any of that since it isnt really covered.

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