Dating gorgeous dating customs in cuba

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Have a life of your own, friends, interests and maintain your beliefs.This will enable you to also give her the much space she needs.Following are 6 tips on how to successfully date an extremely beautiful lady.1) Deal with your insecurities The truth is there will always be guys who are taller, better looking, charming, muscular and loaded than you. She must have found something very attractive in you before agreeing to be your girlfriend.Inquiring about her geographical location every hour, barring her from hanging out with certain friends, snooping on her phone or going temperamental whenever she receives a text from another dude, will only succeed in pushing her away. 2) Genuinely appreciate her If she is looking outstanding that morning let her know how beautiful you find her in that garb.Quick question: Did you know Bruno Mars has a girlfriend? She's talented, gorgeous, and has won the heart of this pop prince. If you've been wondering who Bruno Mars is dating, then get ready to meet model Jessica Caban.Remember women are emotional beings; you need to fulfill her emotional needs too.When she wants to pursue her dreams support her fully.

Within a matter of weeks she agrees to be your girlfriend.

Such public humiliation will discourage even the most persistent guy from ever hitting on your girl!

4) Be your own man The worst mistake most guys make when they get hitched to a super fine-looking girl is forgetting themselves.

3) Deal with competition appositely When you realize there is a guy making passes at your girl don’t go threatening to kick their behind to Lokichogio. Calmly let him know she is taken but if he persists, sit back and let him feel like he is winning.

Wait for the most opportune time when he is with your girl preferably a public place then go up to them.

Bruno Mars is known for his smooth charm, sexy dance moves, and extra crazy-white teeth. According to Bustle, Caban has had a long career as a model, coming in second for Jennifer Lopez's NYC model search in 2002. Mars wasn't interested in taking things slowly, and the two moved in together after only one year of dating. reported that due to an Instagram story where Caban apparently used the pregnant lady emoji, some fans began freaking out wondering if a little baby Bruno was on the way.

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