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That incident was so overlooked, and I remember feeling so terribly un-likable that evening.But the problem was not my unwillingness to drink, but rather the attitude adopted by those two bar-hopping males, that because I was not giving them what they wanted, and doing it with a smile, I was the one with the problem. Worst of all, in the back of all females’ minds, we worry that if we somehow make a false move or two in the course of a date or a casual encounter with a male, that if we change our mind, or no longer feel comfortable or interested; we may receive not only verbal abuse, but physical and/or sexual abuse as well.Although as a goddess I try to remain sympathetic to the male party as well, I can only speak from the female perspective.Please do not mistake my heroine-focused tone for man-hating agendas. But I can only speak on what I have experienced as a female in the dating world, and accordingly offer the goddess solutions I have up my sleeve.

Moving forward, all we can do is continue on our goddess paths, speaking our goddess truths, and taking deliberate and thoughtful goddess actions in every moment; and hope that some, many, or ideally all hurtful, un-checked, irresponsible, non-god-like attitudes transform into more god-like behaviors over time.Can men gauge how vulnerable we actually are in their presence?And do men—and women—actually realize how often women accommodate the man’s requests and preferences for fear of what might happen if we object?How do we navigate finding a loving and honest partner, establishing a deep attraction, and a soulful connection with someone, when we are out on a date, concerned about these basic issues of safety and care?The sad truth is that many women are less concerned about their safety—not that women are not concerned, but we have learned that for us to be preoccupied with these needs makes us come across as “crankier” than other women, so we have instead adapted our needs to match what we think will make the man most happy and least potentially aggressive—and more interested in doing whatever it takes to make a man want to see her again.

Will we receive verbal abuse in the form of insulting titles such as “high maintenance,” “bitch,” “prude,” or “slut?

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