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Touch them the right way and they will be aroused There was a very interesting research conducted by the University of Wisconsin in which a group of people were ‘touched’.Separated by a thick curtain, a dude on one side and girl on the other were asked to touch each other’s arm, thinking strongly of a particular emotion ranging from anger, jealously and lust.Touching a girl and touching her seductively early on in a relationship is critical if you want to arouse in her emotions akin to romance and desire.There’s a critical difference between in the cognitive structure of the men and women.

Even those women who act cold and complain that they don’t feel sexy or are never in the mood for sex can aroused to craziest levels of horniness using a few light touches.

The important thing is to give the impression that you are naturally a touchy feely person and in your reality is completely okay to use the medium of touch as an extension of normal communication.

If you believe in it the women in your environment too will hooked on to your version.

If you are newbie and aren’t aware of the subtle nuances of the game, you I am sure by now are having some doubts and are finding it a little hard to believe my words.

You must be thinking something to the effect of ‘okay, so I am touching this girl playfully.

First become a man who’s at ease with touching women, the second you meet them.

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