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VP: Dummies Man, tell us how you find and keep readers for your books.

VP: What other factors do you credit for the brand's longevity and success?

DM: At first, most bookstore chains didn’t want to stock — book buyers worried that the title would insult their customers.

Our publishers' sales staff countered these arguments with the confidence that the Dummies branding method would strike a chord with readers and that readers would feel an instant identification with the series’ mission. sold out its initial print run of 7,500 copies in less than two weeks, and in the first 14 months, the book sold more than 1.5 million copies.

And I was tapped to be the face of the brand, so to speak, on the book covers.

We felt people needed a resource they could open, find the answer to their question, close the book and use it. We quickly published more books on a variety of topics using the same, easy-to-follow model.

Tell us a bit about how you keep that consistency over the books.

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