Dating cliches that are true who is dollicia bryan dating

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Yes France has amazing restaurants and fantastic cuisine but it also has lots of ' Mc Dos'.In fact, did you know that France is in the top five countries (outside the US) when it comes to the number of Mc Donald’s restaurants?

Once again, you can find snails in France, especially Burgundy. But it’s not like the French are obsessed with them. and frogs’ legs While we’re talking about snails, we may as well get the frogs’ legs thing out of the way. So yes, the French have an appetite for frogs legs, but not such a strong one to justify the cliche.

But the reality is, even though a 35-hour work week may be the law, most people in France work far longer on a weekly basis.

Figures in recent years from the labour ministry show that actual average working week for full time employees stands at 39.1 hours.

They are all "cheese eating surrender monkeys" It was thanks to US cartoon series The Simpsons that the French were given the nickname “cheese-eating surrender monkeys”, and the name has stuck.

But aside from when they surrendered to the Nazis in WWII and refused to back the US in the Iraq War, France has overall been a military powerhouse.

And 3.5 out of 5 admitted to showering just once a week. Sure, actor Jaques Tati was famed for his miming, but so was Charlie Chapman, and no one thinks the Brits are all mimes.

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