Dating caspian sea level change

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That flooding imposed its imprint on various landscapes: on coastal plains, river valleys, interfluvial surfaces and even on slopes.Bottom and littoral sediments of the basins, together with fossils they contain, may be considered as geological evidence of the Flood.During 1929–1995, a full sea-level cycle was observed.First, the sea level dropped ∼3 m with a lowstand in 1977, followed by a 3 m rise to 1995, after which the sea level has been relatively stable.Remote sensing images and historical maps show that two lagoons totally emerged, and the Gorgan delta prograded rapidly at a rate of around 160 m y until the 1975 lowstand.

The work has been aimed at the search for events which are not unlike in dimensions and age to the Noahs Deluge retained in human memory.The level of the Caspian Sea is influenced by rivers mostly from the high latitudes of the Northern hemisphere and therefore any change of its catchments including temperature and precipitation directly reflects on Caspian Sea-level.We reconstructed Late Pleistocene to Holocene Caspian Sea-level by a multi-disciplinary approach from a 27.7 m long core in the SE corner of the Iranian Caspian coast in the Gomishan Lagoon.This corresponded to a biofacies change from lagoonal to the deeper biofacies including diatom and Gastropoda species.Around 8400 cal yr BP sea-level started to fall again, and reddish oxidized sediments with abundant foraminifera () record a regressive phase around 7700 cal yr BP.

Detailed analysis of their lithology, mineralogy and geochemistry, as well as isotopic composition of the sediments and fossils, make possible the reconstruction of sedimentation environments, composition of flood water, and sequence of events related to the Flood. In the epicenter of the Flood, that is within the Caspian basin, bottom sediments attributable to this event are dated to the Khvalynean basin (or to the Early Khvalynean, if we mean the maximum phase of the Flood).

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