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A combination of crossed arms Next, observe your date’s posture. Or, is he leaning slightly back from the waist up or turned away at a 45-degree angle?If he is leaning slightly forward and facing you, he is showing that he is interested in what you have to say.If he is leaning away, but making eye contact, it might just be that he is really comfortable in his chair.While this is technically not nonverbal body language, verbal tracking is another indication if he is interested in you and what you have to say.Generally, the greater the eye contact, the stronger the relationship is between two people, she says.Generally, we make greater eye contact when listening but, when speaking, alternate between making eye contact and looking away for brief periods of time.And cuing into these nonverbals can be a helpful way to decode what your date is really thinking. John Gottman’s famous “Love Lab,” the researcher was able to identify in just a few minutes whether or not a couple was headed for relationship trouble solely based on the way they interacted with one another, including body language.

The amount of eye contact your man makes can be a helpful clue. D., and author on body language, writes that we make greater eye contact with people we like.Remember that he could be just as nervous as you are and might appreciate a clear sign or two (preferably a verbal one) that you are having a good time.As you can see, there are actually a lot ways you can clue into what your date is probably thinking.According to research studies, crossed arms and legs can send the message that a person is closing themselves off from a conversation, while relaxed feet and legs and smooth hand gestures are all examples of positive body language.Of course, some people find it more comfortable to sit with their arms crossed, especially if they are nervous, so use your observational skills to determine if this is your date’s preferred stance, he is just a little nervous, or, if it’s a sign that he might be disengaged with the conversation.

Say you are sitting with your elbows on the table and your chin resting on your hands.

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