Dating bald woman

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(I've heard of women with alopecia who sleep with their wigs on because they're terrified of what their significant others will think.And the only time I did tell someone I was dating that I had alopecia, he expressed his sympathies before promptly sleeping with somebody else.) But more than rejection, I feared the notion that people would find it impossible to separate my physical state from who I was as a person.

The condition causes your immune system to mistake your hair follicles for foreign bacteria, halting the normal hair growth cycle and resulting in bald patches (alopecia areata), the loss of all scalp hair (alopecia totalis), or the complete loss of all body hair (alopecia universalis).

Alopecia affects around two per cent of the Australian population, which is close to half a million people.

I've experienced alternating periods of complete baldness to having a full head of hair, but for the past three years I've had no head hair, no eyebrows and have lost most of my eyelashes. Particularly as a young woman — someone whose physical appearance is weighted above all else as her most defining and valued characteristic.

I figured that if someone was interested, I could direct him to the blog without having to explain my condition for the millionth time.

If the right guy came along, he'd be comfortable with the truth — which he did, and he is.

We know what it's like to be bald and we know there are lots of women out there who want to meet and date bald guys.

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